• Oxyaction 氧泡泡有氧洗衣颗粒英文版广告

    Oxyaction 氧泡泡有氧洗衣颗粒英文版广告

    Oxyaction is a fantastic product,
    it uses the magic of oxygen and releases little bubbles,
    which clean stubborn dirt and stains,
    it was recommended to me by my mum,
    and its used all over England.

    everybody uses it today,
    It uses oxygen which is so magic,
    it removes stains and cleans our clothes well,
    without being toxic. It is also good for our planet,
    it is important to us in England that we use products
    that are good for our planet as well as efficient.
    I am happy to use oxyaction because it is so safe to use,
    I can get it on my hands and it causes no problems.
    It’s good for all the family.
    In England we use it a lot.
    I am very happy with Oxyaction.

  • 作者:氧泡泡 2015年11月1日, 下午12:26

    Oxyaction氧泡泡有氧洗衣颗粒的产品化学公式,简单分解就是水和氧的基本相互作用即:需要加水使配方成分产生化学反应,就能迅速和污渍斗争。而且,它是可生物降解的,非常环保健康!另外,对于金黄色葡萄球菌、大肠杆菌、白色念珠菌的抑菌率达到99.9%,尤其适合女性衣物及婴童衣物的清洁护理。有氧洗,是一种以新生态氧来分解织物上多种污渍的低碳洗衣方式,美国STERLING LABORATORIES实验室曾经做过权威检测:有氧洗的总去污率与总再沉积率指标全球第一